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Home Builders Willimantic CT

Home Builders Willimantic, CT

Home Builders Willimantic, CT

Home Builders Willimantic, CT

If you are looking for home builders in Willimantic, CT, you have to check out Theresa & Company! As a full-service builder, you will work directly alongside them (and only them) for the entire process. This is a major advantage for you because you won’t be working with different sub-contractors. Theresa & Company is a woman-owned, locally operated construction company that has been serving the people of Willimantic for over 30 years. Their team of craftsmen is an expert in residential, commercial, and federal construction. There are many advantages to building a custom home, many of which get overlooked. Read on as we discuss some of them further.

1. Customized Options

Firstly, one of the best things about building your own custom home is the ability to customize everything. You have the freedom to select almost everything you want inside your home. This includes appliances, wall and floor coverings, trim, custom cabinetry, and amenities. You will be in charge of every component that goes into your new home.

2. Make It Functional

Secondly, you will get to ensure that your new home functions exactly how you’d like it to. This includes the floor plan! Maximize and use every square inch of usable space exactly how you see fit. Moreover, the option to have an open floor plan or more defined spaces will be up to you!

3. Material Quality

Thirdly, when you purchase a pre-existing home, you get what you get in terms of materials. If you don’t care for the cabinets, floors, or built-ins, it will be your responsibility to make those changes. When you custom-build your home, you get to pick exactly which materials you prefer. Locally owned builders often work with trusted tradesmen who provide the best materials.

4. Budget Flexibility

Lastly, many people assume that building your home is more expensive. However, this isn’t exactly true. When you purchase a pre-existing home, you will have to pay to make the upgrades you desire. Finding your perfect home is incredibly difficult! When you choose to work with a custom home builder, your budget is taken into consideration from the very beginning. Tweaks may have to be made throughout the project to keep you on track, but your builder will always keep it in mind.

Are you ready to explore the idea of a custom home builder in Willimantic, CT? Contact Theresa & Company today at 860-931-0701. As a locally owned company, they have your best interests at heart. Their work is incredible, and their reputation is outstanding. Contact them now to begin your project! Visit their website for additional information, and check them out on Facebook!

Home Builders Willimantic, CT